Amy Spilker – Miss Nebraska USA 2012

I was so shy and quiet when I went to my first Barbizon session and each session gained the confidence to pursue my dreams. I hope I can inspire others, and especially Barbizon Midwest students, since many seem to think unless you move across the country you can’t pursue modeling or acting which is simply untrue. There are several rewarding midwest markets and pageants and Barbizon Midwest can open those doors for you.

-Amy Spilker, graduate and Miss Nebraska USA 2012

“When my son, Giovanni graduated from Barbizon we contacted Paige at Royal Model & Talent. Since then, Giovanni has worked on a short film with Sean Winans, an LA director, he has done fashion shows for Sears, and booked a walgreens video. He also just landed his first commercial! Paige is always very courteous, professional, and always has excellent suggestions. We are very proud to work with her. And we look forward to doing so in the future.”

-Carmen Carbonara – Parent of graduate Giovanni Carbonara

Barbizon Midwest Schaumburg Graduate Oana Gregory, currently “Amanda” on Disney XD’s “Crash & Bernstein” talks toAspiring Hollywood about how she got her start through Barbizon.

“Alexandria is looking forward to class this Saturday. Just after one weekend we have seen her confidence grow. We can’t wait to see the final outcome.”

-Eric Eberhart, Parent of Alexandria Eberhart

Barbizon was such a life changing experience. Even from the first day I met awesome people and was immersed in knowledge of the industry. I always looked forward to classes, it was my favorite time to come and learn about this new industry with other people like me.”

-Katrina Hoernig, Graduate and Model signed with FACTOR WOMEN 

Katrina Hoernig FACTOR WOMEN

Katrina Hoernig FACTOR WOMEN

“Dear Barbizon: Erica was only 14 years old when she first became interested in modeling and was accepted into Barbizon. That was 4 years ago. She learned so much from you, matured with the program and achieved more than we ever expected!!! We’re so very proud of what she’s accomplished thanks to the support and training she received at Barbizon. The Barbizon staff is not only very talented they are also very caring. We truly value your friendship and guidance. Barbizon teaches skills that are not only valuable for this industry but are also meaningful for life. We have high hopes that Erica will continue to have opportunites such as her recent modeling assignment in Singapore, where she can not only work at something she loves, but can also see new places, do new things, and make new friends.”

– Lynn Hyuk, Parent of Erica Hyuk, Graduate and Model

Rachel Kehl

Rachel Kehl

“Not only did I learn runway walking (which I was in desperate need of), but I learned a lot of things like skin care, make up techniques, interviewing skills and so many other things that apply to the every day working person.”

-Rachel Khel, Graduate and Actress/Model

“Working with Barbizon Midwest and Royal Model and Talent Agency has been an overall great experience. The staff is extremely professional, prompt and up and personal with their clients. Royal has been a very beneficial asset to the start of my daughter’s career. My daughter has had the opportunity to film with Robert DeNiro as an extra in “Little Fockers” which was an amazing experience. She has done fashion shows for “Sears” and she recently filmed a commercial for Public Storage. Royal is very consistent with their services and is truly a pleasure to work with.”

– Kinyata Barnett, Mother of Kiara Barnett, Graduate and Model/Actress

“Barbizon taught me proper etiquette in auditions and life. It also taught me what being a professional was all about. I started with Barbizon Midwest when I was 6 years old and it definitely shaped who I am as an actress.”

– Dani Jayden Hammer, Graduate and Actress 

Dani Jayden Hammer on The Ricki Lake Show

Dani Jayden Hammer on The Ricki Lake Show

“My experience working with Barbizon Midwest and being represented by Royal Model & Talent Management could not have been better. They have always been very helpful and informative. They always remain in contact with me and have helped me book many of my auditions. Royal Model & Talent got me an audition for two commercials. One of the commercials was for Comcast Tripleplay and the other was for the ‘Big Ten’ Fan camp, both of which I was booked for. They have also helped me book many other jobs, some of which were print ads for ESPN and Walgreens. I am very appreciative of the work that they have done and I am very confident in their duties as my managers, they have done an excellent job representing me.”

– Naram Odisho, Graduate and Model/Actor

Patrick Thompson

Patrick Thompson

I learned more about the networking part of things. How things REALLY work. I got to witness the power of connections, knowing people, etc. Which can be a great thing in everyday life and also can be a great thing in the business/industry as well.”

– Patrick Thompson, Graduate & Model/Actor

“Michelle completed her Barbizon classes just prior to entering high school during summer 2006. Your program’s positive training helped give her the confidence and mental attitude she needed to accept every challenge as an opportunity. With all parental bias aside (ha!), I think Michelle has become a remarkable, young lady. She works very hard is beautiful inside and out. She feels this will allow her to highlight her accomplishments and possibly take her career to the next level. We have learned that exposure to the right people means everything.

Thank you so much for making opportunities available to young people. I have encouraged many parents to make the investment. It is not so much about becoming rich and famous, but more about doing what it takes to achieve your personal best.”

– Sandra Mercier, Parent of Graduate and Model/Actress Michelle Mercier

Marilou Venglarcik

Marilou Venglarcik

“Before Barbizon Midwest I wasn’t completely comfortable with myself. I was scared to get up in front of a crowd and I was also scared to be my true self. Barbizon Midwest taught me so much. It taught me that every girl is beautiful in their own way.Going to Barbizon Midwest made me be able to speak confidently in front of a crowd, it made me feel happy with myself and taught me valuable life lessons.

– Marilou Venglarcik, Graduate and Model

“Hello, my name is Anthony Nieland. I just wanted to thank you for the Barbizon training. About two or three years ago, my sister Samantha and I went through Barbizon’s training. It made me even more of a go getter than I ever was. After I got out of high school and I was looking for a job, I used some of the skills I learned from Barbizon. I applied at the Country Inns and Suites of Little Chute Wisconsin. I was hired on the spot. Three months ago I received a promotion to Maintenance. I found that I was extremely good at fixing things. Outside my job I will be going to school for maintenance training. For a new hobby I have been learning the guitar since I am out of high school. Anyway thanks again for the training. It has provided me with some very useful tools.”

– Anthony Nieland, Graduate

“Before Barbizon Midwest, I wanted to be model, but I wasn’t carrying myself like a model. Since I graduated I have learned that I need to carry myself as what I want to be.”

– Brooklyn Alexander, Graduate and Model/Actress

Brooklyn Alexander

Brooklyn Alexander

“Barbizon Midwest really gave Brooklyn the confidence that she could really be what she longed to be for a long time and kept to herself, an actress and a model. Prior to Barbizon, ‘Brook’ was very shy and reserved in public.
Once she completed Barbizon’s graduation, she was definitely more outgoing and vocal about what she wanted to do with her life. The instructors would share with me that as the classes progressed, Brook would volunteer to take the runway first in many instances and this was shocking to me. I was surprised at the level of maturity that she showed upon completion once she was around professionals in the business.
She was one of the youngest members of her class and that was NEVER allowed to be an excuse. I think that increased her desire to learn and grasp all of the concepts that were being taught. She learned many techniques and knowledge about the industry and how to carry herself at auditions and while working.
She learned a great deal about etiquette on and off a movie set and what to expect while on site at a modeling job. Right after the graduation ceremony/fashion show, her immediate response was “Oh my goodness mom, that was really hard work, but I had so much fun, I want to do it all over again!” So finding out that she would be able to participate in refresher courses was a gift from heaven in her world. She was 12 years old at the time.
I appreciated so much that there was a mandatory class in the Barbizon curriculum for the parents and students to attend together that prepared us all phases of and steps in our kids’ career.”

– Charnita Alexander, Mother of Brooklyn Alexander, Graduate and Model/Actress

“Barbizon is where it all began. Thanks for getting me my start and your continuous support!”

– Martyn Hale, Graduate and Actor

MARTYN HALE Nike Commercial with Blake Griffin

MARTYN HALE Nike Commercial with Blake Griffin

Barbizon Midwest and Royal Models continue to be a great experience for me. I attended and graduated from the Barbizon Midwest School. Since then I draw on my Barbizon education in many different areas at school, home and in the community. Barbizon Midwest has helped make me feel confident in most everything I do.

Today Thanks to Barbizon Midwest and Royal Models, I have had various experiences in the modeling field. My last paying job was modeling for Alyce Designs, for three days, at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago!

If you have the opportunity to attend Barbizon Midwest and be a part of Royal Models, I would highly recommend you go for it! The staff is very professional and dedicated to your success.”

– Monique Perdue, Graduate and Model

“Barbizon taught me many things. I learned how to properly do my nails and make up, how to interact with people in an audition, and how to model (Print and Runway). It was a really fun experience!”

– Nicole Marie Dreger, Graduate and Model/Actress/Singer/Songwriter

Nicole Dreger

Nicole Dreger

Taylor Castro National American Miss Illinois Pre Teen 2013!

Taylor Castro
National American Miss Illinois Pre Teen 2013!

“Barbizon Midwest and Royal Model and Talent has been a wonderful experience. We love hearing from Paige! Auditions are just as described – you are told locations and times along with a brief description of what the audition is for and what it entails. Bookings are exciting! From State Farm to Walgreens to The Good Egg Project, even a Sears commercial – everything went smoothly. We cannot thank Barbizon Midwest and Royal Model and Talent enough for getting us started and the experiences we have had. Royal Model and Talent is an agency you can trust and feel confident dealing with.”

– Kristi Castro, Mother of Taylor Castro, Graduate and Model/Actress

“I have gained life changing qualities like confidence through the  Barbizon Midwest experience. During the pageant’s interview component, I answer the questions proudly with confidence in my answers. I am also very comfortable with talking in front of large crowds or giving presentations in front of my class.

Through Royal Models I have done a Sears, Luna and McDonald’s commercial along with print work for Walgreens, Weber Grill, State Farm, Good Egg Project, Six Flags and other projects! The six flags shoot was so much fun! I loved going up and down the slides.

– Taylor Castro, Graduate and Model/Actress

Bianet Diaz

Bianet Diaz

“Barbizon made me more confident in myself. I improved dramatically in my stage presence at school, and my theater director noticed it, which was great! What I gained from Barbizon Midwest was a different way of thinking about myself, and also knowledge about the industry, which was really helpful!”

– Bianet Diaz, Graduate and Model/Actress

“When my son, Giovanni graduated from Barbizon Midwest, we contacted Paige at Royal Model and Talent. Since the, Giovanni has worked on a short film with Sean Winans, an L.A. director, he has done fashion shows for Sears, and booked a Walgreens video. He also just landed his first commercial!

Paige is always very courteous, professional, and always has excellent suggestions. We are very proud to work with her. And we look forward to doing so in the future.”

– Carmen Carbonara, Mother of Giovanni Carbonara, Graduate and Model/Actor

Hailey Mattheisen

Hailey Mattheisen

Hailey would always comment on her growing confidence as she progressed through her training. She loved Barbizon and found it to be such a rewarding experience.”

– Gina Mattheisen, Mother of Graduate and Model/Actress Hailey Mattheisen

“I am a winter 2009 graduate and attended with my younger sister, Caitlin. I would like you to know that the classes did help me a lot. It helped me become more confident in myselfnot only appearance-wise but also when it comes to speaking, such as public speaking or just speaking to someone for a job interview. Also, before my sister and Iattended we did not have a great relationship and we argued a lot, but since then we have grown very close and I fully believe it was due to taking the classes together. So I wanted to really thank you for your help and teaching and for keeping yourself available to be talked to whenever needed.”

– Stephanie Waterbury, Graduate

Abby Rockendorf

Abby Rockendorf

“Abby was pretty quiet before Barbizon but learned to be more confident for sure. She has become aware that anything is attainable if you really want it. Although there were people that were skeptical about Barbizon, she still went ahead and gave it her best shot.”

– Kathy Rockendorf, Parent of Graduate and Model Abby Rockendorf

“Being represented by Royal Model & Talent has been a very enjoyable experience for my daughter and me. In fact, it’s really been fun! When our relationship with Royal was just starting, Paige answered ALL my questions and gave great advice on how I could help my daughter succeed. I very much appreciate her attention to detail while communicating audition and booking information. She is amazingly quick to answer her phone and patient while answering any questions I have. My daughter has been to many auditions, all of which were exciting opportunities for really well known clients. A few of which my daughter has been chosen for! I can honestly say that every person we have come in contact with at Barbizon Midwest, Royal, the auditions and actual bookings has been wonderful. We have always been treated with respect and given many smiles. We are truly enjoying this experience, and my 7 year old daughter is now saving money for her dream… owning a horse someday! Thanks Royal!”

– Jenny Swason, Mother of Mia Swanson, Graduate and Model/Actress

Mackie Atteberry

Mackie Atteberry

“What I gained from my Barbizon Midwest experience is confidenceI learned not to be ashamed of who I am or what I want to do with my lifeeven if that is something not a lot of people get the opportunity to do. It was great to have one on one time with a teacher who was able to be patient with me and teach me skills that I would carry for the rest of my life; whether it be how to walk the runway, read a monologue, or just do my make-up, they were all skills I’ve taken and adapted in years since then.”

– Mackie Attebery, Graduate and Model

“I remember learning leassons from all the GREAT teachers there: Ms. Heather Woolweaver, Ms. Robbie Lavine, and Ms. Tene Dismuke. I still have managed to keep in contact with them till this day. The Barbizon classes were the first place where I learned how to properly walk the runway.The graduation show was the first time that I actually walked a runway too. It was so much fun!!”

– Mackenzie Moore, Graduate and Model with Model Management Group (MMG)

Mackenzie Moore

Mackenzie Moore

Chase Vazquez

Chase Vazquez

“I have to say my two children doing the Barbizon Midwest school with Royal Modeling Agency has opened doors for my children. They both came out of the schooling not being so shy anymore and they have no problem doing any photo shoots in front of the camera. My son has had some great jobs with Royal Modeling Agency and if you don’t understand anything they are very polite and helpful in making you clearly understand everything. Every job we have ever been booked on has been very pleasant. They make the kids feel great and they have fun with all of it, and the kids don’t really know they are working because they are having fun. I am grateful we found Barbizon Midwest School; it really opened a lot of doors for us. We didn’t know anything about modeling and now with their help I am comfortable to say I understand what it is all about. Thanks Royal Models!”

– Kris Vazquez, Mother of Chase and Siara Vazquez, Graduates and Models/Actors

Kellsey Forest

Kellsey Forest

I learned so much from Barbizon Midwest! In general, it taught me how to pose,how to work the runway, and basicallyeverything I needed to know. It really prepared me for the work I do now. But most of all,Barbizon Midwest taught me how to be confident in everything I do. I was fairly outgoing before Barbizon Midwest, but I feel Barbizon really gave me the confidence and courage I needed to pursue everything I’m doing now! Barbizon has also given me the opportunity to be an AXE Angel, which I fully plan to take advantage of!”

– Kellsey Forest, Graduate and Model

Lauren Elyse Buckley

Lauren Elyse Buckley

“I was only in fifth grade when I attended Barbizon Midwest classes, but most of what I gained from it was confidence and comfort when getting up in front of a group of peers. I had one theatre at school and acting camps, but always had terrible stage fright. I was more comfortable in my own skin after attending Barbizon Midwest.

Being a part of Barbizon Midwest and Royal Model and Talent has been an amazing experience. I am constantly being e-mailed scripts for auditions and hearing of new jobs to submit myself for. Royal is a very warm and caring agency and work tirelessly to help their talent feel good and be successful. I booked a great job for Claire’s Boutique through Royal and my agent helped me through the whole process from my audition to my final payment. She continues to send me on auditions for commercials, movies, and television shows. I am so grateful to be represented by such a phenomenal and hard working agency.”

– Lauren Elyse Buckley, Graduate and Actress

“Barbizon Midwest and Royal Model & Talent has greatly helped us transition from classroom to auditions. We had many questions and the Barbizon/Royal staff was more then happy to help with all our needs. Once auditions started coming in they were very supportive and helpful with every aspect. Thanks to them our sons have gone on several auditions for movies, T.V. shows, and commercials. If it wasn’t for Barbizon Midwest and Royal Model & Talent our boys would not have had these opportunities.”

– Dawn and Ken Kirkland, parents of Kenny and Garrett, Graduates & Actors

“I am thankful to Barbizon Midwest and that Royal represents me, and I’m grateful they believe in my dream just as much as I do. To this day, I find everyone at Barbizon/Royal very easy to talk to. They are very loyal and persistent. Thank you so much for all your hard work!”

– Jillian Lynch, Graduate and Model/Actress

Sarah Marie Smith

Sarah Marie Smith

“Thanks to Barbizon Midwest I gained knowledge about how to audition, on better nail, hair and skin care, and how to walk a runway – along with different modeling and runway poses. For example, the C-pose, S-pose, and the European walk/pose!”

– Sarah Marie Smith, Graduate and Model/Actress

“At age four, my son was reading a magazine. He looked up and told me he wanted to be in magazines too. We found representation through Barbizon Midwest and Royal Model & Talent Management and have felt like part of their family ever since. We are always greeted with a smile. The staff is very warm and makes my son feel special.

Royal is very flexible and realize that kids need to be kids. If my son would rather play his baseball game than go to an audition, they do not mind at all. It is expected that the kids will make good grades in school and they encourage kids to do extra curricular activities. I commend the fact that they realize how important it is to balance work and family and fun. And Daniel recently booked a commercial for Luna Carpet!”

– Rebecca Goldstein, Parent of Daniel, Graduate & Model/Actor



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